Guy Gold, Principal (Osteopath)
Initial Consultation (60 minutes) £100
Follow-up Appointment (30 minutes) £70

Andrew Hudson, Associate (Osteopath)
Initial Video Consultation (60 minutes) £90
Follow-up Video Appointment (30 minutes) £60

Anna Aydinc, Associate (Osteopath)
Initial Video Consultation (60 minutes) £90
Follow-up Video Appointment (30 minutes) £60

Shaun Brooking, Associate (Personal Trainer)
Initial Video Consultation (60 minutes) £80
Follow-up Video Appointment (30 minutes) £50

About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a musculo-skeletal form of therapy. This means it focuses specifically on the muscles and bones and how they work together in a patient’s body. Osteopaths have extensive anatomical and physiological training that enables them to use spinal manipulation and massage techniques to improve health and relieve pain. Because it is non-invasive and does not involve prescribing drugs, it is safe for people of all ages.

Many different types of people can benefit from osteopathic treatment including pre and post natal women, the elderly, athletes and children. Osteopathy can help with ailments including joint pain such as hip, knee, neck and wrist pain. It is effective for arthritic pain, frozen shoulder and tennis elbow arising from associated conditions in the back and neck, circulatory problems, sciatica, migraine prevention and headaches arising from the neck.

Your Osteopathic Treatment

The first time you come for treatment, your Osteopath will carry out an initial consultation, which takes one hour. During this assessment they will ask a lot of questions in order to get a thorough understanding of your case. This is followed by a physical examination. They may also ask you to perform some specific movements to observe how different part of your body are working. The assessment allows your Osteopath to deduce the nature and severity of your condition, and the things that your body is doing well. At the end of the assessment they will explain their recommendations and the treatment options open to you, including an indication of how many appointments you are likely to need.

Some patients only need one appointment. Others may have a course of treatment or return periodically for long-term management of a condition or general body maintenance as a preventative measure. . Your treatment length will be based on how you progress rather than a prescription of a set number of treatment sessions.

Your Personal Training Session

In order to attend a personal training session with Shaun all clients must have seen one of our Osteopathic associates for an initial one hour consultation first. This is to really specifically assist in tailoring your program to your exact requirements. At your first personal training session Shaun will undertake a physical assessment where he will ask you some relevant personal questions regarding your fitness and health and will ask you to do a series of movements before creating your personal training plan which way he will clearly explain to you before embarking upon your new personal training program. The length of this program can be discussed with Shaun at your initial consultation to fit around your hopes, goals and requirements to help you move well for longer.

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